We believe that health and wellness coaching, specifically personal training, is one of the most effective ways for people to find Happiness through Health and Wellness and who doesn’t want to be happy!

We also know that for most people, traditional personal training simply doesn’t make sense. It’s too expensive. It’s too time consuming. It’s hard to find the right trainer.

Furthermore, we believe that the entire personal training model is broken and has likely been somewhat broken since the beginning… If you think about it, the economics just don’t make sense. With the understanding that Personal Trainers are giving roughly half of what they make, back to the gym, plus they have to compensate for the fact that they have, on average, roughly 4 hours of unused time each day; the barrier of entry to the consumer is simply too high.

Combine the lack of alignment in value with (1) the fact that most of the good trainers are already booked at the times when most people could work with them and (2) the fact that zero motivation, accountability, encouragement and coaching takes places during the >98% of the time when you’re not actually working with the trainer, in person and the result is a fundamentally flawed model that makes it virtually impossible for the average person to get the benefits of working with a trainer or coach!

So… about 2 years ago, we set out to change that and Ladder was born. A platform that connects people with Health and Wellness Professionals, via digital coaching. The first step in our process of Fixing Fitness. The initial solution, moving towards the world we envision:

“ Our goal is certainly not to replace in-person training, that is the last thing we want. What we do want to do, however, is create an ecosystem, where instead of 10% of gym members, working with a coach 5.2 times per month. All people work with a coach, gym members and non-gym members alike; but potentially less frequently in-person. Where the ongoing digital relationship, becomes the backbone and we’re inserting, in-person engagements when and if they’re needed. 

I believe, as a culture, we will go from people paying for fitness, to people getting fitness for free, to a place where people actually get paid to exercise! “

We believe that the only way we can create the world we envision is by giving more to the health and wellness professionals, the hundreds of thousands of individuals who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others: we want to make their jobs easier and put them in a position to help more people.

There is nothing that technology can build that will be more effective than a passionate, empathetic and engaged coach. We exist to make those human assets accessible to all people, in a seamless, effective and valuable way.


Brett Maloley

Brett Maloley

Co-Founder and CEO @Ladder - I love all things Startup, the Commercial Fitness Industry and Building and Leading teams to do extraordinary things. I live in South Boston, MA, with my beautiful fiancé, Nicole and my co-worker/best friend/French Bulldog, Penelope. I spend the majority of my free time exercising, reading and preparing for future arguments. My favorite thing to do is drink good wine, eat good food and talk to great people (at the same time).

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